TWRP 3.0 for Galaxy A7 (SM-A700FD)

This recovery will TRIP your Knox Counter and your warranty will be void.
This recovery is only for Samsung Galaxy A700FD Qualcomm Snapdragon variant running 5.0.2 (lollipop).


Tested Safely on following devices.

  • Samsung Galaxy A700FD

Why TWRP ? Why not some rooted firmware which keeps warranty safe ?
TWRP is a custom recovery. It has many more functionality than stock recovery! if something goes wrong while flashing something you can always make a backup use this recovery which can be restored when things get messed. if mess is of large extend you can always flash stock firmware.

Why new TWRP Recovery ?
The older version which was released will not be compatible with cm structure due to mount points and hence this recovery will be supportable for all custom flashing.

Follow the instructions carefully.

Step 1 :

  • Install Samsung Drivers and connect your device to PC. let it install drivers and if its updating let it update. your device drivers should be perfectly installed without a single failure.
  • Link to Samsung Drivers

Step 2 :

  • Download Odin 3 you can use 3.07 or 3.09
  • You can download Odin from here
  • Download the TWRP Recovery

Step 3:

  • Turn of your device and go to odin mode [ Vol down + power + home button (all at the same time) ] release it when you see Galaxy A7 Logo
  • Press vol up to confirm

Step 4:

  • Now that you are in Odin Mode connect your device via USB cable.
  • Now open Odin3 3.09 or 3.07 that you have downloaded.
  • If there is a pop-up like Installing ADB drivers let it get finished it usually updates.
  • Make sure the COM : xx (xx is usb port number it can be any number so dont worry about it,just verify COM is lit up)
  • Now select AP and browse to where you have .tar file and select it
  • Make Sure only Default Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time is ticked and nothing.verify twice only these 2 are ticked.
    Untick Auto Reboot if you are installing recovery for first time!
  • Click Start and wait for the process to end. DO NOT Interrupt during this time.
  • Done.


  • TWRP Team for their awesome recovery.
  • @RVR for testing recovery!

XDA:DevDB Information
TeamWin Recovery Project, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy A Series

ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 3.0.0
Stable Release Date: 2016-03-07


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