To root or not to root, transform S4 – i9500 to S5 – SM G900

Rooting is now easy and is actually not that easy to brick your phone if you follow the simple steps. And the best news is that you can always unroot easily anytime you need to send your phone for warranty claim


screenshot of ROM

Of all the custom rom, I have settle down with OZCAN ROM. Is now in V6.2

These are the features and extras you can have


OPTIONAL APPS (According to Your Taste)
– WatchOn (S5 Smart Remote)
– Group Play
– Samsung Studio
– SHealth (New v3.5.1)
– Optical Reader
– Dropbox
– Google Play Music
– Samsung Apps
– Mobile Prints
– S Translator

MODS (S5 Mods or Stock Mods) (You Must Choose One of Them)
– Battery (With Number or Without Number)
– Task Manager (S5 or Stock)
– SMemo (Stock or Skip)
– Menu Key (S5 or Stock)
– SMS Log (Show or Hide SMS log in call log)

All included S5 Feature
> S5 Ultra Power Saving Mode
> S5 Toolbox
> S5 Emergency Mode
> S5 My Magazine
> S5 Weather
> S5 Touchwiz with Theme Option
> S5 Wallpaper
> S5 Lockscreen and Effects
> S5 Phone and Contacts (With incoming Call Popup and Business Card Reader)
> S5 Browser
> S5 Task Manager (Selectable in Aroma)
> S5 Quick Connect and SFinder
> S5 Keyboard
> S5 SystemUI
> S5 Like Framework
> S5 SNS
> S5 Email
> S5 Group Play (Selectable in Aroma)
> S5 SHealth (Selectable in Aroma)
> S5 Studio (Selectable in Aroma)
> S5 Optical Reader (Selectable in Aroma)
> S5 SView
> S5 Music Player
> S5 Video and Video Player
> S5 Settings
> S5 Messages with Popup
> S5 Gallery
> S5 Calendar
> S5 Car Mode
> S5 Baby Crying Monitor
> S5 Accessibility Mode
> S5 Air Wake Up
> S5 Easy Mode
> S5 image Editor
> S5 Calculator
> S5 Memo App
> S5 System Font
> S5 Voice Note
> S5 File Manager
> S5 Boot Animation
> S5 Mobile Print (Selectable in Aroma)
> S5 STranslator (Selectable in Aroma)
> S5 SVoice
> S5 SCloud
> S5 Samsung Account
> S5 Geolookout
> S5 SLocation
> S5 Multiwindow
> S5 SNote, Story Album etc. HERE

> Note3 One Hand Mode
> Debloat Samsung apps and libs.
> Knox free %100
> Disable Scrolling Cache.
> SD Card Permission Fixed.
> Disable Android Log.(Enable it delete init.d/98OzcanRom or open 98OzcanRom delete rm dev/log/main line)
> Busybox v 1.22.1 Bionic.
> Clock and Camera icons are changed into S5 icons

> Call Recording Mode.
> Disable SMS and MMS auto converting.
> Add Camera Shutter Sound Menu.
> Disable SMS recipient limit.
> Browser Exit Menu.

You may get more information, downloads, forum here