Mafia Wars Cheats up to trillion of dollars

mw1mw2Mafia Wars? Ya it is popular in facebook and now in iPhone..
Play this game if you have retired, or if you have too much time to kill..

Wanna impress your friends? Here I have found the glitches.. the game is kind of time base, where your energy and stamina will be an incremental based on time,… yes time? which means seconds, minutes, hour, day and month and year. THis is how you trick the application by changing the date and time in your iphone.

It is been done by advancing the date from the current date
going back furthest up to 1970 and change the date in yearly increment. After every new dates applied, play a few games like buying properties or fight or look for jobs.

The key to the glitch is
1) to sync after you’ve made the glitched changes
2) delete the app from your iPhone
3) then re-sync and reinstall.

Another way is
1) to do what ever you want to increase the money in your account
2) once satisfy set the date and time to the current
3) You’ll notice that your money, energy, and stamina regeneration is a messed up. We’re going to fix that in the next steps.
4) Connect your iPhone to your PC and sync it.
5) On the iPhone delete the Mafia Wars application.
6) Connect to your PC and sync again, re-selecting Mafia Wars so it re-installs.
7) Disconnect, open Mafia Wars and your game is back to normal, but you’re now making loads of cash.

Have fun cheating!