How to add cracked Games & Apps to iPhone OS3.0

cracked appCydia is like a gateway to heaven, it leads you to loads and loads of applications and games. iPhone by itself, I will give a score of 6/10 and with Cydia installed, I will rate 9.8/10. Many of us is still wondering how we can have those crack ipa applications on their iPhone and this is a guide to do so. Personally, I would prefer to purchase it the legitimate way.

Anyway this is how it is done

First off Open up Cydia
Touch Manage
Touch Sources
Touch ‘Edit’ in the top right
Touch ‘Add’ in the top left
Type in this:

Touch ‘Ok’
Wait for it to load
Touch ‘Add anyway’ when the message appears
Touch ‘Done’ and Under Entered by User Catagory
Touch the Hackulo Source
Touch the AppSync for OS3.0 at the top of the list
Touch ‘Install’ in the top right.
Touch ‘Confirm’ in the top right.
The installation will begin, then you may install any cracked app through iTunes
Make sure you restart the iPhone after installation completed

How to add cracked games
You can find cracked apps and games everywhere. Just google it! Or use the search function and type Iphone games.

Once you downloaded the files unzip or unrar them and you will find an file with the extension .ipa file. Double click it and it will launch iTunes and be added to your Itunes under Application tab. Then just sync it onto your Iphone and there you go. Job done!

You will have countless hours playing with all the new applications and games…


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