Ultimate Mobile Business + Social Network Apps for iPhone

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This will be the next BIG thing!  The Ultimate Mobile Social Network Application being developed by BKsoft Corporation. It will be  the first Location Based Mobile Social Network Application. A new website for registration will be opened soon. The first 1,000 users will be able to download the PRO beta version of conneX2>> for free on their iPhone. However, the LITE beta version will be available for free with basic features.

conneX2>> will lead and change the way we socialize. This will be the most advance and full featured application with following benefits

  • Lead a new way to CONNECT people
  • Create new concept to LINK businesses
  • Change new approach to exchange information between Employer and Employee
  • To know people within your reach in real time
  • User selectable the level of privacy
  • Choose the proximity range of people to socialize
  • select between BUSINESS or PRIVATE mode

We are very excited for the launch of this application and will keep you update soon. For potential investor please do us contact here

We will update the progress here. Please come back for more.



Enable MMS for iPhone 2G on OS3.0

mmsThis is not new, but maybe helpful for newbies..

There is a new simple hack that allows iPhone 2G users to enable MMS on their iPhone.
Your iPhone has to be jailbroken to enable MMS. This is first done by a clever Russian boy.


iPhone 2G OS3.0 Jailbreaked with Cydia.
Uninstall “asBattery” only if you had installed previously.


Instructions to enable MMS on iPhone EDGE

Step 1 -go to Cydia and download the package ActivateMMS2G “available in the repository of iSpazio.

Step 2 – Restart the iPhone.

Step 3 – Next go to Settings > Messages and make sure MMS Messaging is ON. If it’s not, restart your iPhone one more time.

Step 4 – go to Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network, and add the MMS info for your carrier, either Celcom, Digi or U-Mobile. For Maxis users, the Carrier will be Maxis 4.0 where the settings is configured automatically, and as such the Cellular Data Network will not be showen.


Do not install ActivateMMS2G on Firmware 2.2.1 or you will see a black screen with the Apple logo and you will need to do a restoration. If you haven’t jailbreaked your iphone 2G with OS 3.0, do a search with keyword ‘RedSn0w’ and follow the instruction there.


Follow simple instruction in this blog

Have Fun!

How to add cracked Games & Apps to iPhone OS3.0

cracked appCydia is like a gateway to heaven, it leads you to loads and loads of applications and games. iPhone by itself, I will give a score of 6/10 and with Cydia installed, I will rate 9.8/10. Many of us is still wondering how we can have those crack ipa applications on their iPhone and this is a guide to do so. Personally, I would prefer to purchase it the legitimate way.

Anyway this is how it is done

First off Open up Cydia
Touch Manage
Touch Sources
Touch ‘Edit’ in the top right
Touch ‘Add’ in the top left
Type in this: http://cydia.hackulo.us

Touch ‘Ok’
Wait for it to load
Touch ‘Add anyway’ when the message appears
Touch ‘Done’ and Under Entered by User Catagory
Touch the Hackulo Source
Touch the AppSync for OS3.0 at the top of the list
Touch ‘Install’ in the top right.
Touch ‘Confirm’ in the top right.
The installation will begin, then you may install any cracked app through iTunes
Make sure you restart the iPhone after installation completed

How to add cracked games
You can find cracked apps and games everywhere. Just google it! Or use the search function and type Iphone games.

Once you downloaded the files unzip or unrar them and you will find an file with the extension .ipa file. Double click it and it will launch iTunes and be added to your Itunes under Application tab. Then just sync it onto your Iphone and there you go. Job done!

You will have countless hours playing with all the new applications and games…

Jailbreaking iPhone 2G to OS 3.0 Build 7A341

Disclaimer – I take no responsibility for any problems, issues, bricking or damages that may occur while using said procedure or this software to modify your iPhone. Please be aware of what you are doing. And this will NOT be able to work with iPhone 3GS\

7a341The Dev Team has made it again. They have released a very simple and yet easy to use application called ‘redsnOw’ which works well for all phone except the latest iPhone 3GS.

Let’s get started. First, make sure your iPhone is updated to the 3.0 firmware. If you’re not yet running 3.0, update via iTunes or you may get the latest firmware here

Download iPhone OS 3.0 Build 7A341 Software Update

 Next you will need to download the redsn0w from here:

Download redsn0w from one of the links

For Windows

For Mac


Now double click on the redsn0w file you just download to open the redsn0w application. You will then be prompted to select the 3.0 IPSW file you downloaded. Do as instructed now. This will be like peanut! Just follow the instruction. Is really so easy. Once it is successfully identified press next to continue. 

Now you will have to select whether you’d like Cydia, Icy, or both installed on your phone. You must install at least one of them. Make sure your choices are checked and press next. As for me I have tried on both. But somehow ICY has got some application that make the phone losses all the icons and I have to redo the whole process. Now I omitted the ICY and only select Cydia. 

Next you will be connecting your iPhone 3G to your PC. Once your device is connected, hold the power button until the “Slide to Power Off” appears – then slide to power it off. Press next.

Redsn0w will not put your iPhone 3G into DFU mode. Be sure to follow the onscreen instructions exactly. Start by holding down the power button for 3 seconds.

Hold down both both the power button as well as the home button for 10 seconds.

Finally release the power button while continuing to hold the home button down until redsn0w detects your iPhone 3G.

The device will now reboot once it is detected by redsn0w.

Redsn0w will now begin the process of uploading the new ramdisk. Then you will be notified that the jailbreak process is complete. Click the Finish button.

Even though redsn0w completed it’s process your iPhone will still be finishing up. This can take up to 5 minutes. Be patient, when it’s done you will have a jailbroken iPhone 3G with Cydia.

Since I m using a 2G previously unlocked iphone the baseband has not been changed and I works like a charm…