Write & Post Blog with iPhone

Is 11:35pm now and I’m in bed with my iPhone. And is obvious that my darling is also in the same bed but reading her love novels. Kind of early to sleep as I’ve been sleeping quite a lot over the pass few days. You know, when having food poisoning can be real bad. You need to be near to the WC in case in need. You know what I mean. The reason I’m posting this short blog is because I’m just wondering how difficult. Or may I say how easy to post a blog from the iPhone which don’t even have a physical keyboard except a Home and a Power button.

Not bad is 11:41pm now and it looks good and I’m progressing pretty well. At least fr the look on my little iPhone screen measuring maybe 4.2 inches touch screen. Since this is my first post from iPhone using WordPress. I’m not so sure if it works well as expected. So you gotta try to get results. I shall post now and will check tomorrow morning from my PC. The good thing about iPhone smart auto correct is that you just keep on typing as you make typo errors and it will auto correct itself. That’s wonderful. Time now is 11:44pm i take a snapshot of the iphone and attached a photo to this blog. It will show the time too.



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