Home Media Center

mce01Enjoy your entire digital entertainment library in full glory on your PC or even on your TV with Windows Media Center. View your photos in a cinematic slide show, browse your music collection by cover art, easily play DVDs, watch and record TV shows, download movies, and project your home videos—then pass the remote to let friends and family join in the fun!

Today, Windows XP Media Center based-PCs are very popular all-in-one entertainment devices that you can access music, photos, TV, movies, and the latest in online media all from the comfort of the couch with a remote control.

Windows Media Center in Windows Vista features some great advancements over previous versions, including an improved user interface with easier navigation and breakthrough media visualization. Windows Media Center also offers built-in support for archiving TV shows directly to video DVDs, faster overall performance, and an improved platform for content owners to deliver new online entertainment services and experiences.U Most notably for U.S.-based customers, Windows Media Center offers support for digital cable service, by means of a digital cable tuner.

After starting Windows Media Center for the first time, you will be exploring your digital media in no time because the setup experience has been streamlined. In fact, Windows Media Center automatically checks your PC for media files during the setup process so you don’t have to waste a minute searching for your content.

mce02After you’ve started, you will notice that Windows Media Center is optimized for widescreen and HD displays-making it perfect for the living room. With the new on-screen layout of photos, music, and videos, you can see up to three times more content on a widescreen display compared to previous versions of Windows Media Center. The clean, simple look ties together with the Windows Aero desktop experience and features transparency effects and smooth animations, giving you a fun and visually stunning way to browse and experience your home entertainment. Designed for a wide range of displays and input methods, Windows Media Center is optimized for use with a remote control but also works well with other input devices such as a mouse and keyboard, touch screen, or even a Tablet PC.

So, with the Plasma, LCD and LED HD TV at home, is will be a good time to install Windows Media Center and enjoy time at home


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