What can your VIN reveal

For all Mercedes Benz owners, and for those who do not know yet. You may be able to know more about your car information by typing your Vehicle Identification Number in this SITE 

To give some idea about what those numbers mean

WDB – Werk DaimlerBenz
WDD – Wek DaimlerBenz Rastad (A-Class/B-Class)

WDB 211 033 2J 123456

First set of 3 digits relate to type 211 – E-Class

Second set of 3 digits relate to model 033 – 200 Petrol

Now the middle two differ depending on country. Usual the first number relates to which side the steering wheel sits on 1 – Left Hand Drive and

2 – Right Hand Drive.

The second digit used to relate to transmission

1 – Manual Gearbox

2 – Automatic Gearbox.

I have a feeling that DaimlerChrysler have changed the numbers to letters as my A200 is 2J and my E320 is 2A, the A200 is manual and the E320 is Automatic!

The final 6 digits are just the production serial number.



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